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  One of the simplest types of centrifuge widely used in the industry. The solid material is scooped out manually from the top of the centrifuge.  
Top Discharge Type >>

  • Mounting on inertia plate with Visco dampers

  • Vapour Tight Arrangement

  • Reverse Current Braking

  • Variable Speed Drive

  • Dynamic braking

  • cGMP Construction

  • Vibration Monitoring System

  • Fluid Coupling

  • Cake Sensor Facility

  • Zero Speed Inter locking

  • High Speed Drive

  • Fully Outer Cage Opening with ' cGMP ' & ' CIP '
     Advantages :
  • Manual removal of solid results in total protection of crystal structure.

  • Extremely simple operation.

  • Very low solid loss in filtrate.

  • Distinct separation between mother liquor and crystal enable better product quality.